Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cheater's reader: Catching Fire & LiveFit Day 47

As I slept last night, Catching Fire downloaded. My library didn't have the book so I was wait-listed for the audio book. Um, totally awesome and totally cheating. I can "read" and multitask like I'm doing now. I'm already on chapter 4. Though, the woman reading it makes Peeta sound sarcastic all the time.

Breakfast: egg whites with jalapeno almond cheese and Wild Squirrel nut butter with half a banana.

New-to-me bars for snacks this week. My manager eats Zone Perfect bars and I trust her advice. I also nabbed a Pure Protein bar - I've had their shakes before.

After work, which I only went to for 2 hours, I went to the gym for a quick workout. Since I wasn't feeling quite well, I did legs and a little warm-up. Plus, I forgot my earphones for Catching Fire & cardio.
I use my legs all the time and once upon a time, they were my strongest point. I still like working them out, but I'm careful about hurting my knees or back now.

Lunch: leftover gluten-free pizza from dinner last night

Dinner: chicken and broccoli

A few thoughts and links:
How do you feel about audiobooks?
What keeps you interested during a run?

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