Friday, March 16, 2012

And I just took a 4 hour nap (LiveFit Day 33)

My acne is so bad right now. :(

*Sweat from yesterday's stair climbing and run.

And I just took a 4 hour nap.

Yeah, that's how I'm faring. Thankfully, it's Friday, but this weekend looks rainy.

It's time to pick up a book and do some studying.

I also picked up my car. $450! Sheesh. Honestly that's cheap for getting my brakes done, replacing my water pump, and fixing my power steering.

Today was LiveFit Day 33. Thirty-three days in! Wow.

Shoulders is tough and makes me feel weak, but today was okay. The first exercise was a killer so the rest of the workout was tough. I felt like I was able to do everything a little better though.

Cardio included 10 minutes on the stair climber before my feet started to hurt and I jumped on the bike to recover. I ended with a little run. The run is the best part, but I get so bored.

My body is sore all over, especially after my nap. Leg day two days ago is still killer - I can barely sit down and my triceps and shoulders are in pain from yesterday and today! Love it... for the most part.

I just got confirmation that my 4 pack of Wild Squirrel nut butter is coming in the mail soon. Is it too early to order PB Crave as well?


I should wait. I mean, I do have 4 nut butter jars coming at me on Monday!

Is there anything you're obsessed with that you try them all? I love peanut butter and am always looking for new kinds.
Were you on a workout rotation this past month?


  1. I just saw PB Crave on someone's instagram! Is it unreal? I have yet to try but love me some PB!

    1. So real! I can't wait to try them.