Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More sun, longer day (LiveFit Day 30)

Nostalgia. The sun is going down later so by the name I'm off work, the sun is still out. I'm getting lots of sun, but my day seems longer.

I headed to my first workout at Gold's Gym at 8 and finished in an hour and a half, including 30 minutes on the elliptical. That actually was quite enjoyable. Whereas the strength portion was so-so. There were lots more benches for my presses. I has trouble feeling it in my chest with the barbell vs the dumb bells.

I was excited to use the cable crossover till I realized how much weaker my left arm is!

And the 2 different pushups compounded the problem. :(

The gym was cleaner, much cleaner and everyone was nice. I didn't feel like I belonged in such an elite club. I couldn't find the Roman chair here though. I'll make that up another day of the week, maybe tomorrow.

There's a separate room that was pretty big for stretching and abs.

Then I headed to the front room with relatively clean machines.

I took a quick shower and headed to work. I need to pack a toiletry bag... I don't need a lot but definitely Q-tips.
  • Wide-grip barbell bench press: 40#, 50#, 45#, 40#
  • Pushups: bodyweight, knees, knees
  • Cable crossover: 10#, 10# x 5, 5# x 5, 5#
  • Smith machine incline bench press: 40#, 50#, 45#
  • Side-to-side pushup: bodyweight, knees, bodyweight
  • Toe touchers: -
  • Crunches: -
  • Knee/hip raises on Roman chair: N/A
  • Cable crunch: 42.5#
  • Cardio: elliptical trainer level 12 x 30 minutes
Tomorrow is a day off cardio as there are 4 cardio days of 6. I'm planning on a warmup on the stair climber though.

I didn't anticipate having so much extra time so I got gas and perused the grocery store for my midday snack: Chobani 2% strawberry banana, which was definitely needed. After consuming too much sparkling water, my stomach was killing me so I took a break and went to my car to eat it. Felt much better. I also had 2 more hard-boiled egg whites.

Lunch was steamed tilapia in a tortilla with spinach, and dinner was homemade sweet and sour chicken over massaged kale.

I'm a peanut butter lover/connoisseur yet my co-workers were shocked I never tried Laura Scudder's. I ended up renting "Young Adult" and bought a jar to try.

Yet they haven't heard of Justin's or PB & Co or MaraNatha?! Insanity!

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