Friday, March 2, 2012

Who ate my cheese? (LiveFit Day 19)

Yesterday was lacking in pictures and I fell asleep before I got to post about LiveFit Day 19.

Breakfast was simply egg whites with 1/2 slice of soy cheese and oatmeal.

Then off to my shoulders/abs workout. An extra day this week was strange since I've made Fridays my official rest day (I like to do TurboKick on Saturdays and yoga on Sundays).

Despite my carved shoulders (haha), shoulders are HARD! The cable curls really kicked my booty. Actually, I think the handles are the major problem since they move around too much. We didn't have a captain's chair at the gym so I just did some leg lifts which I made up today at the other gym.

Same lunch as the day before.

I picked up another sparkling water from Trader Joe's, but I definitely like orange more so I bought some this morning.

The question of the day: Who ate my cheese? I had one last slice of soy cheese left to make a grilled cheese sandwich, but it was gone when I got home from TurboKick. :/

I headed back to Trader Joe's for goat cheese, which is actually the cheese I'm supposed to use in Joy the Baker's Fancy Grilled Cheese Sandwich. It turned out absolutely delicious and made me wonder why I hadn't eaten mustard in so long!

What's your favorite way to doctor up grilled cheese? Or any other basic?

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