Thursday, March 15, 2012

I ate Wednesday but forgot! (LiveFit Day 31)

I missed What I Ate Wednesday this week! :( And I had some good eats as of late.

First things first, I headed to finish off my Foodie Penpal package. I was super late this time and overbought. I finally fit everything I wanted to in one of the small flat rate boxes. They're half the size of the medium box!

I bought myself a bag of Love Crunch carrot cake granola. I've had the big bag of their dark chocolate & red berry granola and while I loved the big chunks, I couldn't eat the bottom of the bag. Not with these. I don't like carrot cake and I love each and every bite.

*Nature's Path also makes my favorite oatmeal - cranberry-ginger!

For snack yesterday, I purchased Voskos' honey vanilla bean Greek yogurt. My friend Sara shared some with me the other day and it was on sale!

I also had their regular honey flavored one today.

I was so tired yesterday that I headed to the gym after work. It was packed, but I could take my time.

I definitely had more energy for leg day. Phase 2 does include cardio but only on 4 of the 6 days. I biked for a little until I warmed up and did the set:

The workout took me over an hour to complete with 5 minutes of biking to warm-up. I was totally sweaty and knew I'd be feeling it the next day.
  • Leg extension was used as a warm-up but 50# x 20 is still hard!
  • I hate regular squats. I think I use my back even if I try not to...
  • I was being watched (by a trainer peering over a small wall) while doing walking barbell lunges. I did a few without the weight too. I may be using too much weight...
  • Step-ups were difficult - I need a step that is a tad shorter? I think I compensated with another part of my body, probably my back.
  • I did leg press calf raises at the gym and came home so my little cousin could help me with donkey calf raise. Weirdest thing ever.
  • I compensated with a bonus exercise: the seated squat press. I did more and really focused. I'm pretty sure this is why my bottom hurts now.
I walked on over to TJ Maxx and was surprised by their huge selection of goodies. I, like Allie of Live Laugh Eat, buy food at TJ Maxx. They have quality stuff.

Check out the top left corner! They had Tera's Whey pomegranate goat protein for $7 off!

I also nabbed a bag of Next Organics' dark chocolate pretzels and chocolate bananas.

Finally, dinner has been the same for 3 days: homemade sweet & sour chicken with massaged kale.

After dinner, I watched "American Idol" and was disappointed by the lack of talent except Holly, the Brit of course. I also finished a chapter (chapter 2) in my studying... so slow!

Do you buy food in unexpected places?
Is there a discount healthy food store where you live? I used to live in Asheville, NC and go to Amazing Savings all the time!
What's your favorite granola?

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