Saturday, March 17, 2012

The storm before the calm (LiveFit Day 34)

My family and I just sat down to dinner, beef over a hot pot, and drank Wilson's Creek almond champagne. My co-worker suggested the champagne months ago and I finally gave in today in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. I brought the bottle home and my aunts and uncles dove in.

I ate lots of thinly sliced beef after my primary meal of yogurt-marinated chicken over kale.

Today was such a relaxed day with no work. I was groggy though.

I woke an hour later and made a delicious egg white breakfast burrito inspired by Oh She Glows.

Then I headed to the gym. Look who printed out her workouts! Last workout of the first week of Phase 2: legs again.

Today was tough. My legs are still in pain from a few days ago! Sheesh. I got annoyed at the amount of self-loading machines and all the kneeling and lying leg curls were not sized for my shortness... and could not be adjusted. :( I ended up skipping it.

Afterwards, I held myself over with a protein shake and a snack from my Foodie Penpal package - thanks again Kristin (you rock)!

Rainy days call for a library run. I got so many books, some un-pictured...

And rushed home to find "Christmas in Boston," starring Marla Sokoloff. Love her!


What are your plans for rainy weekends? Tomorrow will include painting my nails and studying... or reading. I chose Thomas Friedman's Hot, Flat, and Crowded to start off.

For you, to read:

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