Monday, March 5, 2012

We're not chickens (LiveFit Day 23)

I went to the gym a little later today to have coffee with my co-workers. My work friend came over and we stopped by to say hi before heading to the gym. Not planned, but my co-worker wanted to workout so why not? We did back and biceps.

I've never really worked out with a buddy and thankfully the gym regulars were taking the day off.

Check out all the up arrows on the left side! That means I upped my weights! Woohoo! My favorite was the incline dumbbell curl. The incline forces you to fight gravity and there's a "prestretch." The incline also eliminates momentum and use of other arm (shoulder and forearm) muscles. I didn't do much in terms of weight, but I felt it!

We added one of my favorite exercises: walking lunges. I'm good at them because I'm closer to the ground :) and I have a good base. I definitely don't have chicken legs. And the wings are going away too.

My workout buddy led us in some extra ab exercises: boat pose and bicycle.

Then off for a long day of work. I gave a loaf of Joy the Baker's chocolate bourbon-spiked banana bread to my kids and got compliments from the kids! And I definitely just ate some frozen... still fantastic! I need to make more and try out another recipe too.

When I went over to fix their computer, I got my package: BCAA (branch chain amino acids). Read up on them here.

I got home and prepped my meals for tomorrow: chicken and more chicken like I had today. I'm already wiped out so it's time for bed!

Do you take any supplements?


  1. I take a probiotic with my meals and I digestive enzyme. I also take a daily vitamin.