Thursday, March 8, 2012

Back to bed (LiveFit Day 26)

LiveFit Phase 1's workouts ended a day early. I didn't give myself enough rest days last week so I'm taking tomorrow off, Saturday for TurboKick, and Sunday for yoga.

Back to today's shoulder and abs.

Gah, shoulder day makes me feel so weak. Look at those numbers! I did add weight to the dumbbell press and Arnold press. The raises are still tough but doable. The cable fly is still killer. I just don't like cables...

All of this weight training has made even a cardio warm-up difficult. More on that when I review phase 1 on Sunday.

Today's soreness is in the back of my upper arms - (lower) tris?


I needed coffee (from Rose Bakery Cafe) to keep me awake today. Except, the coffee was too hot that I left it in the car and will drink it tomorrow instead.

Lunch and dinner was the same: chicken and onions over spinach

I was and am still hungry. I had some cottage cheese at 8:30, and should put myself to sleep.

I got a couple of free Redbox rentals and decided on "The Ideal Husband" and "My Future Bofyriend." Huh... I'm not looking for a man AT ALL. I just like the certain actors in the films.

I had no clue that "The Ideal Husband" was a play with extremely structured dialogue (to the point of silliness). And the actress who is supposed to be pregnant is so not.


I'm going to watch a little bit of this one too. I love ABC Family movies, but I'm not sure about this one thus far.


Late night pictures now that I'm home... and having to sleep in a bed.

I'm strange, but I love sleeping on the couch. Tonight might be tough.

Though tomorrow's a rest day, I still have to wake up early to head over to my cousin's house. :(

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