Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A little rushed (LiveFit Day 37)

I get a little nervous. This personal trainer whose shirt actually says "master trainer" stares at me when I work out. Am I performing? No, and definitely not today. I failed to complete my whole workout (most the incline bench press) and only did 15 minutes of cardio. That means tomorrow will be leg day but also include an attempt at the incline bench press again and 15 more minutes of cardio. Bad bad me.

Besides my biceps and triceps, my chest and shoulders and back have been slacking. I don't feel the "pain."

Though I guess it isn't so bad on paper. I just didn't feel the press and was upset that I couldn't figure out the incline press... :/

Oops, I forgot to change the day to day 37.

I increased with my cable crossovers and felt that. I didn't quite feel the cable crunches even after making sure I was doing them right.

Legs are fantastic and I look forward to the success of that tomorrow.

Other than that, work, work, and more work. I'm tired and going to watch "Tower Heist" before bed.

My life is so exciting... not really at all.

With all my foot problems (today's being calluses on the ball of my foot), I'm considering a new pair of shoes. I've heard New Balances may be the way to go as they come wide. I'm interested in these:

They got great reviews on Zappos. Tina of Carrots N Cake bought them too.

What color should I get? I've never owned black sneakers!

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