Monday, March 19, 2012

Antsy for my nutta buttah (LiveFit Day 36)

All day I was excited to get home to my package of Wild Squirrel nut butters.

How could I not be? This video sold me on their nut butters.

I worked out. I went to work. I went to work again and it was a long shift, but I worked with my favorite supervisor who just came back after months on leave.

I picked up my package and brought it to my room. No, I didn't open it immediately - I changed and relaxed.

Then I opened my box. So exciting! Except... except... ANTS! Ahhhhh. The UPS deliverer put the box outside before I had a chance to get it in.

Ants on my bed. Teeny tiny ones.

Fortunately, they didn't get into the nut butters. I could barely get into the nut butters so they didn't stand a chance.

Almond butters on the left, peanut butters on the right.

What sounds best to you?
  • I love honey and pretzel, but the taste was muted. It was less honey and more pretzel-y.
  • The raisins in the cinnamon raisin were M.I.A. I've never been a fan of cinnamon raisin either... but the ants loved this one! It was the only one with ants on it.
  • Shocker - I liked chocolate sunflower seed almond butter. Whoa, that's a mouthful. I like the copious amount of seeds.
  • My absolute favorite: the vanilla espresso almond butter. Delicious. Totally unexpected.

Then I tasted them all. I liked them okay but was sad that I only loved one.

I Skyped with my daddy and now it's time for bed. A sheet-less bed as it was laden with ant corpses.

LiveFit Day 36: back and cardio

I didn't mention that I started adding colors to show progress. Red denotes decrease in weight, yellow means I used the same weight, green is upping my weights, and blue is for new exercises.

So, I stayed the same mostly with back. Unfortunately, as I look back at my workouts, I have stayed here all along. :/ While I've progressed elsewhere, I'm slacking off when it come to my back. Yes, there were some new workouts along the way, but I'll have to kick it up a notch next time.

Here's what next week will/should look like:

Is your back an easier/harder muscle for you?
What is your favorite back exercise? I like back extensions and one-arm dumbbell rows. Back extensions hurt, but I need to strengthen my lower back.

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  1. that is sad that you only loved one :( that does sound like the best one though haha.

    -My back is a hard muscle for me for some reason. I feel like I try and protect it so I do not go a hard with it.
    -My favorite back exercise is the Biangular Lat Row Seated Row. It makes my back feel really good. It is sometimes a challenge to keep form though..