Saturday, March 10, 2012

3 liquid dinner & grocery day

Sitting in my car waiting for everyone/anyone to get home. That's my Saturday. I have groceries in my passenger seat consisting of great deals from Sprouts (everything was 99 cents!), marshmallows & peanut butter to make Joy the Baker's browned butter peanut butter crispy rice treats, and a protein shake & tea for tonight.

All for 99 cents! Everything I wanted too!

Oh, and the movie "The Rebound" with Catherine Zeta-Jones.

My dinner is nonexistent since I was stuffed this afternoon. After a walking tour of San Juan Capistrano and the mission, I was done for and stopped by Renzo's Taste of Peru.

It's a small little cafe with rave reviews. I chose the popular arroz con pollo served with brown rice. I ate half the chicken and 1/4 of the buttery rice.

I was so stuffed and tired, I did a big no-no and took a 2 hour nap! :(

So tonight's menu, as I'm not quite hungry, involves 3 liquids: an apple cider vinegar drink, Pure Protein shake, and Yogi Kava Stress Release tea. The latter was a recommendation from Fitting It All In.

The rest of today's meals included a chocolate Shakeology pre-Turbokick and another, less attractive mint chocolate protein pancake with half a banana.

Joy the Baker's browned butter peanut butter crispy rice treats from her cookbook

So good. Though the particular "all-natural" marshmallows didn't melt as well.

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