Sunday, April 10, 2011

What do you do on Sundays?

I workout like I do everyday, drink tea, and have a late brunch. I wait for the world to wake up. What does everyone do? I suppose sleep. But there isn't much else to do when I look at local calendars. There are no fitness classes and no events for the most part. Those are all packed into Saturday mornings then everyone goes out at night... except me. If I go out too late, I feel bad the next day and I love starting my days early so I can see more sunshine.

I supposed I'll do a little more walking and then read and watch movies.

I also couldn't get through much of The Girl who Played with Fire before I fell asleep... I only read like 15 pages when my goal was to reach 100 pages so I have a lot to make up for today. Oh yeah, grocery shopping is essential today too.

Tonight, "Country Strong" since I had trouble watching that last night. I miss TV sometimes, especially HGTV. I would watch that during the day (and badly sit on the couch all day). I loved "House Hunting" and "Design Stars." I never did watch much "Curb Appeal" because I wasn't much into gardening or landscaping, but I'm all about the curb appeal of the West.

I'm a Westerner at heart.

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