Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My weekend in one post

Its been a few days. Thanks to my roommate, I get to blog!

Okay, so let me catch you all up. I've been cooking, juicing, and baking just once.

On Saturday, I went to the tailgates before weightlifting and yoga/Pilates and a bit of cardio. I bought honey and walnut goat cheese from Three Graces Dairy, a gluten-free cowboy cookie from Night & Day Bakery, and almond-walnut butter from Jack's Nut Butters.

I finally bought goat cheese. It was delicious, but I love goat cheese. It may be my favorite with its sourish taste. My roommate isn't a fan. The cookie wasn't too bad, but I definitely love Night & Day Bakery's pistachio olive oil cake and the cookies haven't proved to be as good. Finally, the nut butter was good, but it has a strong coconut oil taste to it.

After the North Asheville Tailgate, I headed to the City Market for a parsley plant, a strawberry-chocolate pie turnover from Pies in Disguise, and a mushroom pate turnover. Everything was just okay and oh, now that I mentioned it, I need to water my parsley plant.

Parsley plant

My roommate and I went downtown for a walk on the sunny day and then to the All Go West Fest where we listened to a few sets of some unknown band. We're not much into music is so we couldn't get very excited.

I went for a Easter Hike & Flow with Asheville Community Yoga. It was a nice 2.5 mile hike up, yoga, and then we came back down. Because it was Easter and most people spend that day with their families, the people who went were new to the area. Some were older and had amazing experiences like cross-country road tripping and farming.

Hike & Flow

Today is my day off working out cause step made my knee hurt a little, but I can tell and I need to be concerned cause once knee pain comes, it never goes away. Right?

Anyways, I'll just start sharing pictures.

Creamy green smoothie

Kris' go-to smoothie

Carrot cake smoothie

Easy cashew cream: equal parts water and cashews with a bit of vanilla

Carrot cake cinnamon rolls

It has been so long that I don't even remember how to use a PC. I can't get all the pictures up, but I made a creamy green smoothie, Kris' go-to smoothie and a carrot cake smoothie. The green juices and smoothies have given me more energy and working out in the morning is giving me back my body confidence.

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