Friday, April 1, 2011

Charlotte day trip

Since I indulged in a big fluffy dark chocolate and peanut butter cupcake today, I will have to hold it down tomorrow. I'm going to Charlotte by the way, which is better than staying in Asheville I've decided as it's the Bakesale for Japan and Artisan Bread Festival... and you know how much those things attract me.

Here's the plan for tomorrow:

  • 7 wake up
  • 7:30 get gas and all that jazz
  • 8 make sure I've left for Charlotte, have Shakeology
  • 11-1 Turbo Kick Round 43 workshop
  • lunch at Luna's Living Cafe
  • Paper Skyscraper, Hong Kong Vintage, Ikea
  • Amelie's French Bakery then home
Speaking of Charlotte, I would love to live here at this mid-century modern home!

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