Saturday, April 30, 2011

Eggs: whites for lunch, yolks for dessert

It's hard to recall a few days when I'm not writing it down. I've been eating eggs and lots of them for lunch, green juices in the morning still, and Shakeology to get me going in the late afternoon before classes. Of course, tons and tons of water.

I'll just share some pictures to help conceptualize the past week.

Egg whites with tomato, avocado, and feta

Egg whites with local Three Graces Dairy honey walnut goat cheese and spinach
Hungry Girl's California Love Mug

One night I made some PB chocolate banana tofu things. I didn't have any base so I just put the whipped-up tofu in cupcake liners.

Banana doughnuts with PB and chocolate ganache (at least on my 2 minis for myself)

Oh yeah, I burned cinnamon rolls. I wasn't even supposed to bake a second time this week, but my knees have been killing me and I need something to do as they rest.

I baked them double the amount of time accidentally. I don't know how I got 30 minutes stuck in my head instead of 10-15. Actually, I didn't even see the 10-15. Because cinnamon rolls are such a long process, I won't be trying any for awhile. I'm still searching for the best cinnamon roll recipe and it definitely could have been the ones I burnt, vegan cinnamon rolls from Sugarbomb Bakery. The fattie I am, I ate one even though it was burnt and it wasn't the worst thing ever. I'll just say they are the best cinnamon rolls because so far, vegan recipes for cinnamon rolls are far better than most and take less time.

For the rolls, I bought two types of vegan cream cheese: the standard Tofutti and a brand that Sugarbomb Bakery recommended, Follow Your Heart. I liked the taste of Tofutti more, but I agree that Follow Your Heart tastes more like cream cheese and also has more calories.

Anyways, I had all these egg yolks left from only eating egg whites all week. Consequentially, I bought a star fruit in hopes of making star fruit pudding, but I have a fear of buying pears and you need pears for that one. Instead, I thought: star fruit pudding! I found ONE recipe and tried it. It's not as overwhelming as lemon or lime curd but definitely much cooler right?

Of course, I had to use the star fruit curd right away. I made these mini bars with them, using the graham cracker crust recipe from a blueberry lemon square recipe. It involves graham crackers and coconut with some margarine. Simple.

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