Sunday, April 10, 2011

Is it apple season yet?

My roommate will never buy me apples. He will get me bananas and pretty much everything else, but I'm picky about my apples. I stand in front of them and touch each one for about 20 minutes to find good ones - not dented, shiny, perfectly colored apples.

When I went apple picking in early fall of last year, I fell in love. I even went when it was pouring one day. I got huge bushels of apples for pretty cheap and they were so different from store-bought apples. The biggest difference was that you could eat more of the apple towards the core. I could not understand how store bought apples looked so lackluster after that.

Winter made me look for alternatives, mostly bananas and frozen berries, but when I lost all that weight, I ate apples at least twice a day. So I'm yearning for sunshine and apples.

I thought of this today as I did my morning workout (Turbo Kick round 43) and walked downtown on a sunny and breezy day. Now for masala tea over Dobra Tea! This one guy keeps walking back and forth by the open window here. Strange.

Apple yogurt cake w/ cinnamon-sugar streak

It's considered breakfast cake. I'm a believer of that (I had a small piece of that brownie I made last night) and tea in the morning too.

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