Sunday, April 10, 2011

Living healthy

When I decided to become healthier, I had to kick out my favorite foods.
  • French fries, which I haven't touched in years. Instead, I opt for sweet potato fries but usually, I get a healthier side like steamed broccoli or cucumber-tomato salad. I was successful in this pursuit because I no longer eat fast food. I went cold turkey.
  • Pot stickers. The last two times I went home, I didn't touch them. They are my favorite. However, I did have pineapple buns once and pork buns.
  • Pasta. I realized though how bloated and gross I would feel after eating it. I found House Foods shirataki noodles for when I do want noodles. It's not the same and I crave mac and cheese pretty often, but I can deal with it now.
Instead, I've replaced these with different addictions. My sweet tooth is a constant battle.
  • Peanut butter, of course. Thank goodness it has protein.
  • Healthy goodies I'll bake myself, or go to a nicer establishment instead of getting cupcakes from the grocery store. Gross. No boxed cookies. I like to know what's in my baked goods. Bonus: it's a fun 1-2 hours of entertainment when I bake.
  • Sweet potatoes introduced to me by the South!
I figure if I make it, I can eat it... for the most part, especially since I'm conscious of what I put in my food nowadays.

I have a recipe for pork and mango pot stickers, but it looks like too much trouble so I've never made it.

Mom used to make me scallion pancakes too. I loved the fried stuff.

I wasn't a fan of steamed pork buns, but I like the baked ones. The place where I get my pineapple buns has the best ones.

Now for some my favorite American comfort food, mac & cheese.

Vegan mac & cheese... maybe I can add some lobster.

Too bad I hate cleaning up...

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