Saturday, April 9, 2011

April norm: hot showers

I did write a "today is awesome" post-it, but I guess I uploaded the wrong one. Regardless, I needed to post yesterday's anyways.

Today, I was glad that it was sunny, but that was a lie because though it was sunny in the morning, there were random intervals of thunder and rain.

I woke up for a trio of classes: step, weights, and yoga/Pilates. I was lost in step because it's a new routine. Typically, I dislike going Saturday mornings because I don't like the instructor. She calls it too late and they are taught to face you. I have trouble mirroring them so I always watch this one woman.

I really beat myself up in weights class. It was also a new routine and I was just fatigued today. Thankfully, I found some energy and grace when I did yoga/Pilates. I got a good little workout from that.

I came home, showered, and painted my toenails "Tangerine" orange then went off to lunch with my roommate. I bought a Groupon for $25 to Neo Cantina in Biltmore Village. The menu looked promising, with fresh flavors, so I decided to go for it.

My roommate, pictured here, got a beef angus street taco a la carte. He wasn't that impressed by it. He also got a half angus quesadilla.

I decided to go healthy with a tamarind chicken salad, eating two strips of chicken and half the greens. But I also wanted the Yucatan quesadilla with shrimp, local goat cheese, and chipotle. The salad was okay, but I absolutely loved the quesadilla. I had trouble stopping - the only thing that stopped me was the fact that I would feel bloated if I ate the whole thing so I stopped at half.

Then I broke my attempt to not eat after Neo Cantina. I finished off the last half of the Yucatan quesadilla and baked! Oh no...

I made a batch of chunky monkey cookie dough and made myself two (using a tablespoon drop for each). I took this picture on top of Surf Magazine; doesn't it look like the surfer totally ate a bite? He's kind of scary looking too.

Then I made brownies, gluten-free with silken tofu. I had read the recipe over at Sugarbomb Bakery's blog and found silken tofu from House Foods, the same people who make shirataki noodles. Plus, it was cheap over at Amazing Savings. I bought it and was surprised by how amazing the brownies tasted.

They don't taste like your typical cookie. They're light from the tofu. I used melted vegan chocolate chips and leftover carob chips instead of cocoa powder and instead of the chocolate chips, I mixed in Sunspire chocolate drops.

Because they were light, I ate... yes, almost 1/4 of the batch (hey, I only made half the recipe though). They were that good.

There will be no baking tomorrow. I need to keep the love handles off. EAT TO LIVE; DON'T LIVE TO EAT! So far, I've been doing pretty good: my legs are just starting to tone up again and I'm fitting a little more into some clothes so I can't ruin it now with carelessness.

The rest of my night was used doing laundry, lazing on the couch, watching "Labor Pains" and "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1," and in a little bit, reading about 100 pages in The Girl Who Played with Fire, hopefully... or just 50 pages?

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