Sunday, April 3, 2011

30 Day Challenge Days 1-3

I joined Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Challenge because why not?

Day 1: Values

What are my values?
• Health
• A creative and fulfilling existence
Day 2: Priorities

List any and all areas of importance in life
• *Health
• *Family (mom, dad, Yancey), friends, connections
• Work
• Creativity
• *Bettering self
Star the top 5.

Write down the 3 priorities. Use a few words to describe them.

Day 3: Goals
10 goals
Push goal: Get down to 115-118
1. Get down to 115-118
2. Hang out with friends at least once every 2 weeks
3. Talk to my dad more by scheduling Skype “dates”
4. Bake once a week but make it good
5. Go back to school
6. Start teaching and be really good at it by preparing history lesson plans
7. Learn to maintain my weight
8. Reduce the amount of sugar I eat
9. Make exercise enjoyable and a normal part of my life – teach a turbo class
10. Learn to relax
I cheated and know that I’m supposed to make to-do lists by looking at these goals.

Monday, April 4
Practice Turbo Kick Round 43
• Make my “today is awesome” post-it
• Think about what I want to bake
• Go to work – I need to make money!
• Email dad about Skype “dates”

• Hang out with Conor
Go to step class
• Take out my box of history stuff and put it in my room!
• Read Loving Frank to page 100
Tuesday, April 5
• No More Trouble Zones in the AM
• Make my “today is awesome” post-it
• Go to work!
• Go to spin class
• Go to step class
• Sift through lesson plans, mark favorites and least favorites
• Make first plan
• Read Loving Frank to page 175
Wednesday, April 6
• Slim in 6 in the AM
• Make my “today is awesome” post-it
• Go to work
• Go to kickboxing
• Do yoga
• Continue working on first lesson plan
• Read book to page 250

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