Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Finding a balance, a new look & feel

This blog is a lot of things. It's mostly anything I want to post. I have lots of different interests: baking, working out, interior design, eating, etcetera.

When I started this blog, I wanted it to be about baking because I was baking a lot. Sorry pals, but that's on the backburner now. Instead, you'll see more cooking or juicing!

What happened? I've always been overweight.

I was up to 185 at my most in college then I lost 25 pounds between 2007 and 2008.

In 2009, right as I was graduating from college, I went down to 150.

Student teaching led me to lose 10 more pounds by the fall of 2009. 140 pounds.

I was working out and substitute teaching in the spring of 2010. I slowly lost 10 pounds. I was at my initial goal weight of 130 by spring 2010. Then I lost 15 more when I stopped substitute teaching and worked out an insane amount. I don't know how I came to work out so much in one day (5-6 hours?!). Who would've thought.

I was happy at 115, but I didn't know how to not lose weight. At my lowest, I was 111 pounds! I guess my body couldn't handle it, the stress of a sucky job, and my new hobby: baking. All of a sudden, and I'm not joking, in mid-October and early-November of 2010, I gained back 15 pounds!

I went back to California in the winter of 2010 and felt terrible at 130. I wasn't strong anymore. I decided to lay off and eat more. It didn't work to lose weight, but I maintained.

A few more months of work and I was up to 135! Oh crap. Thankfully, I went to California for a week. It was for my grandfather's funeral, but I decided to go HIGH RAW. I lost 5 pounds and only worked out once a day, in the morning.

I'm maintaining 130 or thereabouts, but I figured out a few things.
  • I've worked out about 5 times a week for more than a year. This isn't the problem. Just don't get bored... and weight train.
  • I need to stop eating sweets. Baking will need to stop.
  • Eat more greens. Going high raw is a great way of doing this. For some reason, I see going raw as fun and exciting. It's a challenge and I think of things I can eat not things I can't eat.
  • Protect my knees. I was doing great and all of sudden my knees have been hurting. I hear once the pain comes, it never goes away...
  • Find new hobbies to replace baking, including reading and researching health.
  • Try to enjoy working...

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