Saturday, April 16, 2011

Need more hobbies

Let me just make it quick and dirty. I woke up at 6:15 AM, tried to do Turbo Kick but got tired halfway through (probably from throwing around a medicine ball), went to tailgates, bought a lot/ate a lot, came home, took a nap, skipped the gym, and finally went downtown.

I went to the Earth Day Celebration downtown at Pack Square Park and caught Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, a kid-friendly rapper. Not bad.

I liked this song the most.

And come on, the lyrics are pretty inspirational even for adults.

"Take a breath, then take the fear and face it
Remember who you are and that you’re real strong
Remember life is good and nothing feels wrong...
Both love and fear are living right where your soul is
But it’s your life and you’re the one that controls it
So just forget about your fears and then they
Will go away" - "Boogie Man"

I went home after a couple hours, first buying Sriracha hot sauce. I made dinner of three large shrimp and Sriracha cocktail sauce. Easy dinner.

Of course, being bored, I didn't stop there. I made myself half a batch of peanut butter Sriracha cookies. They bake quick so 10 minutes, the recommended amount of time, was far too much and made the cookies burn on the edges. Instead, I microwaved one for myself. The batter is freezing, but when I get perfectly baked, I'll snap a shot for ya.

Yikes. No more eating. This is what happens when I don't work out... I eat.

I can't wait for meal planning.

I haven't lost weight and my clothes aren't fitting any better. I need work on my inner thighs. This isn't the last of me. I'm not settling. I'll just have to keep doing my best and keep learning.

So, while I'm doing that, I need to lay off thinking about food and working out and find other hobbies. For example, I painted my nails tonight with a half moon manicure!

I found three awesome colors at Walgreens so got excited. Oh yeah, I totally didn't buy shampoo which is why I went in the first place. :/

My pointer finger messed up thus I decided to invert the colors to see if it looked better. Eh, I think it just depends on the steadiness of my hand.

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