Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First of the season!

I absolutely love tailgate markets. It signals the beginning of spring and ends in the fall. The winter sucks. I'm so thankful that the first tailgate markets this season are during spring break so I get to go on a Tuesday at 3:30PM to the first tailgate market in Asheville, the West Asheville Tailgate Market.

It was super windy as I made my way two short blocks from West End Bakery. The tents almost flew away. Everyone, being nice and modern Southerners, held onto the tents without hesitancy. Even me. This is just what Asheville does to you. Of course the patrons at tailgate markets are the sort to help... is that overgeneralizing? Oh well.

I spent all the cash I had. First, I hit up my favorite bagel makers, The Sweet Monkey Bakery. I nabbed a newbie, Greek made with feta and olives, and my all-time go-to jalapeno cheddar. I shouldn't be eating bagels, but since Beans and Berries closed down without notice, I had to grab a couple.

When I got home, Yancey and I both tried a bite of each. I mean, I know the jalapeno cheddar is fantastic. Yancey like the Greek bagel so I gave that to him for dinner.

I don't like pies much, but the baker of Pies in Disguise is a gym friend so I bought a couple of pie babies. For myself, I got a blueberry pie and for Yancey, pecan pie. He said it was okay. I definitely think their bigger pies are better than these minis.

In the same picture on top is a strawberry-goat cheese brioche from Take the Cake! Cupcakes A-Go-Go. I ate half on my walk back to my car. They have the best cupcakes in town (dare I say better than Short Street Cakes?) and they're always making new goodies such as these bars. They also had gluten-free lemon bars, brioche rolls, and a few other things. Plus, the couple is the sweetest!

I can't wait for more... and better weather!

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