Thursday, April 7, 2011

Movie or baking?

Baking win cause Yancey didn't bring home any good movies. :(

Oh, I forgot to revise this later... that utterly abusive child didn't come to school again, but I never get my hopes up. He may be there tomorrow. Actually, the novelty of his absence is starting to wear off and I'm just getting annoyed of everyone else.

In the AM, I did the "Burn It Up" portion of "Slim in 6" then I went to weights class after work and Turbo Kick of course. Our instructor is hurt, but we still jumped when she said jump.

I came home and made cookies because I had mentioned my craving for cookies. I wanted cookie dough to be honest, but this cookie dough kind of lacked flavor. The matcha green tea shortbread cookies, when baked, were fantastic.

The recipe didn't specify the amount of time, but I found 10 minutes at 350 instead of 325 was perfect.

I got to use my new cookie cutters: cactus, moon, and flower! I bought these over winter break.

I had to make cupcakes because I didn't have a chance to use these liners. Some of them turned out well like this one, but some of the layers in the paper got into the batter.

This is a vegan margarita cupcake. I wanted to make vegan strawberry margarita cupcakes after going to Cupcakes for Cures. It was one of my favorites! Sadly, I didn't have strawberries on hand, but I did have extract so I put some in the cake and frosting. Not as good, but not bad. I used coarse sea salt (pink Himalayan for the two minis I made my roommate and I) and then topped it with flakes of red.

Finally, I had Yancey buy me bananas yesterday and I had lots of coconut milk and coconut flakes left from a project. I looked for the perfect banana-coconut recipe and found Orangette's banana cake with coconut cream cheese frosting. It was perfect because I had half a block of cream cheese left from yesterday too!

I knew it would be good cause Orangette's banana bread is my favorite!

I have to sleep now. I haven't been good at getting my rest...

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