Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm too honest & it's not nice.

It's day 12 of Chalene's 30 day challenge. I'm over at Dobra Tea with a Taste of Kashmir tea and browsing the internet after 30 mins on the elliptical, step class, and yoga class.

Yoga was tough; I haven't done it in awhile and I need it cause I found that I build strength in that class. If time permits and I feel into it, I'm planning on going tonight at 7:30. It's a little late, but it may be good after spin and step tonight.

I work out A LOT and really, all will come in time. I know I know. I just put myself down a lot... Thankfully, that's Chalene's theme today.

"Write down five negative things you say to yourself."
  1. I'm fat.
  2. I have muffin tops.
  3. I'm too lazy to do more.
  4. I'm worth nothing if I can't lose the weight.
  5. I can't control my cravings for sweets.
"Is that something you would say to anyone else? Is it something you would say to a child you wanted to nurture? Is that something you would say to an employee? A friend? Of course not!"

Actually, I would. I'm a VERY honest person.

"I want you to re-write the five statements as positive first-person present tense affirmations and I want you to put them everywhere you go. Make them your screen saver. Cover your desk, your mirror, and your refrigerator with post-it notes. Say them over and over. It takes a thousand positives to outweigh a negative comment. So repeat, repeat, repeat until your subconscious accepts this new (and accurate) truth."
  1. Okay, I'm technically not. I just need to tone up.
  2. Buy pants that fit. Plus, this is your shape. If you want a butt, there will be some drawbacks.
  3. I do A LOT.
  4. Yeah, yeah. It's hard to write something I believe here. I have lots of other abilities that I need to capitalize on.
  5. YES I CAN. I controlled my cravings for everything else so I can do this too.
Yancey says I put myself down a lot. He actually said this to me last night. My thought: If not me, then who? Who will help me improve? Maybe I should use better methods. I have sticky note in my car that I should adhere by, Be your own cheerleader.

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