Thursday, April 21, 2011

I need some inspiration!

Tonight wasn't great. I felt weak in Power, almost crying because of it then I wasn't 100% in Turbo because of it. Anyways, tomorrow will be a better day. I was going to start reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest and watch "The Girl Who Played with Fire," but not only did I start on a nut butter experiment, I came home and found "Crazy Sexy Cancer" in my mailbox from Netflix. I'm super excited now that I've finished playing with tahini and almonds.

I bought tahini from the market today. It was on sale ($2.99) and I've never had it. I tasted it and it was gross. Maybe because it was unsalted so when I came home from the gym, I added salt. Still gross. I put it all in a blender, put in sugar... gross. Cocoa powder? Not good enough. Real vegan white chocolate chips did the trick.

Then I decided to make raw almond butter. But not just regular raw almond butter, dark chocolate of course.

Now this is more edible. It was also pretty fun.

Recap of my day:
7:15-8:15 workout: Slim in 6
8:45-9:15: trip to Amazing Savings to buy all their packet's of Tera's Whey dark chocolate
9:15 breakfast: green juice, raw Nutella
9:30-5:30 work
12:30 lunch: hard boiled egg with asparagus
5 snack: Shakeology, almonds
5:40-5:50 workout: 10 mins stationary bike
6-7 workout: Power (weights class)
7-8 workout: Turbo Kick
8-9: shower
9-10:30: nut experiment
10 dinner: oops, I had so much fun, I ate my small Fuji apple and had my Tera's Whey pretty late tonight...
10:45-11:45 movie: "Crazy Sexy Cancer"

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