Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An okay day for a picnic

I went to the gym for 3.5 hours today. I planned on going more tonight but that's out the door. Instead, I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, did step class, went to weights class, and finally yoga-Pilates. Afterwards, I came home and decided that we should go on a picnic.

I woke up my roommate and made our lunches. I had a box of GalloLea Organics' pizza kit so I used the whole thing. 1/3 of the dough became my pumpkin pizza wreath (I saved half for later) while I used the rest for my roommate's buffalo chicken pizza, a recipe I found from Rachael Ray.

Of course, we needed dessert so I made matcha Toblerone cookies using Sugarbomb Bakery's rocky road cookie recipe method. It didn't turn out as well though. I had white chocolate Toblerone - perfect - but the cookies came out burnt on the edges after just 10 minutes and then crumbly in the middle. I put a cookie apiece in little cups and brought them with us. When I came home, they weren't crumbly anymore, but I tossed them and our leftovers... Well, first I ate the white chocolate out of the cookies. Is that bad? Yeah, probably.

I intended on making Momofuku's strawberry shortcakes, perfect for a sunny-ish day, but after I made it, I didn't realize I had to place the dough in the fridge for 30 minutes. I would've had time, but I decided that I should get strawberries instead of subbing blackberries.

Since we had such a late lunch at like 2 and then ate cookies, I'm done for the day in terms of meal.

Anyways, we went to Pack Square Park downtown with a blanket and our food. He had no idea what I made until we got there. Afterwards, we went to get tea at Dobra Tea (hot chai and Staroborchav for me) and saw a friend. Then grocery shopping (for strawberries for tomorrow's strawberry shortcakes!), returning and renting movies, and home.

Showered and not off to the gym again, I'm ready to relax with my book and/or a movie.

Ugh, I think I may be gluten-intolerant considering I'm totally bloated right now... :/

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