Thursday, April 14, 2011

Reminder of my childhood cookies

I have all my childhood pictures in photo albums. I once went crazy and thought to organize them all. Before then, they were in photo boxes. Some of them still are.

When you're little, parents take tons of pictures of you. Then you go to middle school and there are less pictures. Depending on how you see yourself in high school, there are fewer pictures or sometimes more. I definitely had fewer pictures. College lends itself to incriminating photos of hard partying. I got thin, took pictures, and now I'm no longer in college and I'm a little worried about my weight so there are no photos. I realize though, I don't look so bad in pictures nowadays but still, I'm self-conscious.

Many pictures of me growing up include a box of Andes chocolate mints. I loved them apparently. I don't really like them all that much anymore, but this Andes mint chocolate cookie recipe must be made someday... just because.

First, track down dark chocolate ones.

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