Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday's Favorites Letters


Dear Slov, I'm so fortunate to work with you again! Okay, so I didn't get most of my kids and the classes I'm in are small, but I get you! Though I will miss A Hecks so much, I still see him around.

Dear Moose, I can't believe I won't see you everyday and that you have other aides! I'm coming to visit you and the rest of my former Earth Science kids. I could see all of you but then I'd have to give up my favorite teacher...

Dear Mr. L, I couldn't imagine not working with you this year. I saw you everyday last year - we work so well together and your enthusiasm makes the class fun. I don't recall one boring day in your class.

Dear Muscles, I love you. I want to be the good kind of sore all the time because I know I'm getting muscles. Another week of 2 days of cardio, 2 days of hard yoga, 1 day of BodyPump, and a quick weight lifting session is perfect.

Dear Fridays, I've never been a fan. I know that's crazy, but take today, I have to go to work and then go to my second job. Somehow I'm going to make it okay. At least we have Monday off (kind of) and will be back to our normal schedule next week (I've worked more than my share this week!). Maybe some coffee will help.

Started off the day with a breakfast cookie.

Green tea was a great idea. This bottle was the only flavored green tea left. It held me over the entire day and gave me tons of energy. Definitely need a stash for days like today!

I also picked up licorice. I've eyed these for awhile and finally got it. I had 2 and intend to share the rest with my kids. They're good but not the best thing ever and less sweet than I thought they'd be.

I ate string cheese and 1/2 of this Vega bar (on sale of course!) for snack.

After work, I treated myself to CDM Yogurt.

Only 8 thin mint cookie and pistachio were so good. I work retail again tomorrow and will have to get it!

My nighttime snack once I realized I ate so little today: Trader Joe's honey Greek yogurt... and pumpkin cheesecake mousse.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Challenge: Don't nap. Study.

I made myself a challenge today, a couple of challenges. Don't take a nap. Study. And both happened. The midday nap was calling my name and it almost won, but I've been slacking on studying. If I can make time for working out, I can surely make time for studying...

I promised to study review 3 chapters before dinner. After awhile, the note cards start to look ugly.

Studying after a couple years out of college is so hard.

Yesterday's pumpkin "cheesecake" mousse was so fantastic that I made it again for dessert. It's amazing with less than 100 calories and 15 grams of protein.

Afterwards, I packed all my meals for tomorrow.

I work tomorrow night so I made a nori power roll for dinner. With canned tuna no less.

I also made a different breakfast as this pumpkin protein pancakes (below) from today were sub par. I went with a breakfast cookie.

I even had time for 30 minutes of Jillian Michaels' Yoga Meltdown video. I did level 1 and thanks to the heat, I was uncomfortably hot.

I enjoy the rolling side planks the most. Challenging but doable.

This was a perfect add-on to my morning BodyPump class. I woke up early to go and was glad I did. I can't wait to feel the soreness tomorrow. I felt particularly good about the squat and tricep track.
I jumped in the shower to rinse off and have a good 2 hours to watch random shows ("The Mindy Project") and read.

Success in my day. I got so much done!

What's the best way for you to study?
How do you study after you haven't studied for awhile?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to school 2012

Back to school today! I was super excited and even slept right on time to wake up perfectly - 11 P.M. to 7 A.M. - despite a little nap yesterday.

I ate Fitnessista's breakfast cookie. Today's had a little too much almond milk and was a bit soggy.

I made lunch and caught up on all the morning internet happenings before heading out to yoga.

My right hip was a little bothersome so I'll stretch it more tonight.

This whole week is on a traditional schedule so school actually started at 10 instead of 10:30 for me, and I was in a rush after yoga.

I wiped myself down with an athletic body wipe from my bulu box

Then headed to work. My schedule wasn't all that I hoped for, but I rolled with it.

Because the schedule is unusual for us, I was in the wrong class for a whole period and thought my one-on-one just skipped out. Plus, I saw a few of my darling students and wanted to stay.

My new schedule is as follows:
  • 3rd period - Sophomore English with my favorite teacher who starts his second year & kids I don't know. The teacher is so much fun though.
  • 4th period - Blended English class with a new-to-me teacher and 6 of 7 familiar faces, including my favorite student. He came and gave me a hug after class and told me I was his favorite. :)
  • 5th period - A couple of kids in our mild/moderate program are beyond mild/moderate and we're waiting for their parents to realize it... in about 2 months. I sat with a girl in an easy peasy computer class.
  • 6th period - Both of the kids mentioned above are in this Earth Science class. I was in this class last year with the same teacher. I wanted Life Science 5th period with all my former Earth Science students but since I have to be somewhere 5th, I couldn't pick. :/
One of the best pieces of advice about studying that I got came today: Don't study at home. I won't study at home so it's best to stay at school or elsewhere to study, especially on days when I don't work both jobs.

Of course, I haven't started studying today because I came home. Can we start fresh tomorrow and relax tonight? Okay. :)

I didn't need a nap after work. Instead, I did some necessary shopping and made dinner: boiled shrimp with roasted seaweed snack and lettuce. I used the seaweed snack to wrap the lettuce and shrimp.

Of course, I was still hungry after so I shared a Bartlett pear and made a pumpkin "cheesecake" mousse.

The mousse was absolutely delicious!

I have to prep my meals, watch some shows, and read before bed.

When do you prep your meals? I can't do a whole week. I do it maybe two days before but usually the night before.
If you've ever worked out right before work or at lunch, how do you clean up? Do you shower at the gym?

Oh, How Pinteresting: Transitional Pins

Since today is back to school, I thought this educational map was appropriate. I took a geography class and loved it. I would love to teach one.

Favorite meal now.


I've never done well with baked donuts. Maybe this strawberry one will work out?

Truth: Fall looks great when it's hot and summer seems lovelier when it's cold.


Fall: it's coming.


In a few weeks, I'll start eating more warm and gooey sweet potatoes.

What are you looking forward to this fall?

WIAW: Last call August

Another early morning. At least we didn't spend it in a meeting all morning. I helped with paperwork and then walked around for a bit.

School starts for the kids and I tomorrow. I'm excited about the new year and hope I get to see all my wonderful now sophomores and seniors. I've always loved juniors - wonder if I'll like them now that they're top dogs.

I'm itching to buy school supplies but alas, I don't need any. :/

I ate off a paper plate today. Classy.

Fitnessista's breakfast cookie was amazing this morning. Sadly, I broke it before the picture.

*Whenever I workout later in the day or have a rest day, I eat oatmeal for breakfast. Otherwise, I have something with eggs.

I got hungry at work and ate half a peanut butter cookie Larabar.

Some of my groceries for the week from Trader Joe's. My protein is purchased elsewhere.

It held me over just enough till I got home and immediately made a chicken quesadilla on a Flatout. I used the leftover rotisserie chicken breast with 2 wedges of Laughing Cow queso fresco and chipotle. To help out the Flatout, I grilled it for a little. *Microwaving the Flatout makes it hard.

I took a nap between work and more work, and drank the other half of my apple pie protein shake.

I prepped a salad with more leftover chicken and avocado for dinner.

And it's off to work. I'm thinking I can get some yoga at home in afterwards, watch "MasterChef," and read tonight - I'm abandoning my computer for the night!

Have you eaten Flatouts? What is your favorite way to eat them?
How do you unplug?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1200, 1300, 1400+

1200. Who came up with that number?

I ate over 1400 calories today and I'm all freaked out about it. Lately, my calorie count has been around 1300 and that's comfortable for me mentally.

So I thought maybe sharing my meals today would help me. I already log it on MyFitnessPal...

Breakfast at 7:30 A.M.
1/2 cup oats made made in tea + string cheese
~225 calories

Snack at 10 A.M.
Blueberry muffin Larabar
~200 calories

Lunch at 12 P.M.
3 oz. rotisserie chicken breast & Laughing Cow queso wedge in a Flatout
1 green apple + 1 tbsp almond butter + 1 sheet graham cracker
~450 calories

Pre-workout snack at 4:30 P.M.
Apple pie protein shake made with 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/2 scoop vanilla protein, & 1/2 container Chobani apple cinnamon
Pack of roasted seaweed snack
~200 calories

Dinner at 7:45 P.M.
Gardenburger black bean chipotle veggie burger over romaine lettuce
Hint of jalapeno chips with reduced guilt chunky guac (lots of it)
~350 calories

I've been consuming/craving way too much Justin's Vanilla Almond Butter and Trader Joe's Reduced Guilt Chunky Guacamole. I ate a tub in 3 days and already ate 1/3 of a tub today. It's not bad since a whole tub is only 330 calories, but I have to eat it with something like chips.

1200 for most people isn't quite enough and I know it. Though it's not about what I know.

I have to refeed myself with more than 1300 calories. Being in the 1300s has helped me lose a little weight, especially since I workout. More is probably beneficial, and I was really hungry enough for the tortilla chips and guac, and that's really how it should work.

Plus, I totally worked out despite a terrible and raw blister on my pinky toe. I got in 20 minutes of weights too - leg curl, press, and extension, lat pulldown and row, and some bicep curls. I was able to do more weight than I had. Big surprise!

Afterwards, I headed to TurboKick where I was complimented on my strong punches. Hah. I was proud of my tuck jumps. :)

A quick read: newest obesity rates, which haven't changed, but I'm surprised California is near the bottom.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Favorite Sunday activity: Meal Plan Monday

Sundays are my favorite. I love the laziness and the hope for a better week ahead.

I've enjoyed smoothies in the afternoon lately. This one includes frozen pineapple, the last bit of frozen mango, almond milk, and Sunwarrior vanilla protein powder with lots of ice.

One of my favorite Sunday activities is watching TV and meal planning. This week is especially exciting because I got a few brand new ingredients for the brand new school year!
  • Apples. Always necessary.
  • Cottage cheese for, yes, smoothies.
  • String cheese is my favorite savory snack.
  • I may (or may not) have almost consumed a whole container of Trader Joe's reduced guilt chunky guacamole in 3 days.
  • I've never purchased Flatouts before. They were on sale and the Italian herb was the only one left. 
  • I don't like Bartlett pears, but I also never liked stone fruits till last year. Tastes change. 
  • Same goes with Larabars. The peanut butter cookie and popular blueberry muffin flavors aren't too shabby.
Meal Plan Monday

m1 - chai oatmeal + blueberry muffin Larabar
m2 - rotisserie chicken leftover Flatout quesadilla
m3 - string cheese + apple
m4 - veggie burger salad
m5 - apple pie protein shake

m1 - chai oatmeal
m2 - Thai chicken Flatout pizza
m3 - string cheese + apple
m4 - chicken & avocado salad
m5 - protein smoothie

m1 - hemp waffle + 2 egg whites
m2 - veggie burger on Flatout
m3 - string cheese + apple
m4 - tuna nori roll
m5 - PB & J protein bar

m1 - 5 minute breakfast cupcake
m2 - tuna nori roll
m3 - string cheese + apple
m4 - quinoa
m5 - PB & J protein bar

m1 - coconut cookie dough oatmeal
m2 - quinoa
m3 - string cheese + apple
m4 - tuna nori roll
m5 - PB & J protein bar

m1 - TIU protein pancake
m2 - quinoa
m3 - string cheese + apple
m4 - tilapia
m5 - protein smoothie

m1 - TIU protein pancake
m2 - quinoa
m3 - string cheese + apple
m4 - tilapia
m5 - protein smoothie


Monday - TurboKick, yoga
Tuesday - BodyPump
Wednesday - Yoga
Thursday - BodyPump
Friday - Weights
Saturday - TurboKick, Zumba
Sunday -  Yoga

Despite sleeping late, my staff photo doesn't look too shabby. :)

After a few hours and a couple of meetings, we got to go home. Half of our crew is out so we hired 3 new people. Hope they're cool. 

Since I got home earlier than expected, I'm going to watch "Melissa and Joey," read, and nap.

Do you remember Melissa Joan Hart or Joey Lawrence from your childhood? I loved "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch."
What are some of your workouts and meals this week?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Settle down? It's Saturday!

I should've known this was No Doubt.

I've settled down since my crazy days, but I'm trying to rile my life up a little bit. To have more fun, to go out with friends, and to interact with humans. :)

Work first. 6 days in a row. Today will be #7. At least it's only 3 hours...

I made a pumpkin pie milkshake that was so good I need more pumpkin & cottage cheese now.

I got my bulu box. It wasn't as exciting as I hoped. The only thing I'm super excited about is the Click protein powder.

After work, I went out with my co-worker and her family (her cousin and brother pictured here).

We went out to Hurricane's in downtown Huntington Beach. Downtown HB has lots of bros (I don't know how to explain it if you don't know), but this place was okay. There was a mix of older and younger people. We danced for a few hours and got nice and sweaty. I definitely had a grand time. :)

Then they wanted Del Taco. I resisted and came home for guac and seaweed. Wow, I'm a trooper even after a few drinks (whiskey shot, Jager shot, beer, and shared Sex on the Beach).

Off to work then some resting for the start to my 2nd year at the high school! :) 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Inaugural High Five for Friday's Letters


This is my first time linking up for High Five for Friday.

What are the five best things that have happened to me this week?

Dear new bag I feel like an adult. Now I just need a nail file and actual things besides just my wallet inside. What do you carry in your bag? I guess I'm minimalistic.
I want to be able to show you the contents of my bag one day, but right now it's empty!

Dear BodyPumping and yoga, and the lack of cardio ...till tomorrow when I do back-to-back TurboKick and Zumba. I'm feeling good and sore.

Dear work Even though it's not that fun, it keeps me occupied. Except I get so tired at 1:30 when I work the morning shift. It's my nap time...

Dear friends I had so much fun hanging out. We made so many plans: the beach, Melting Pot, and just straight chillin'.

Dear online traffic school I don't know why I dreaded you so much. It was so easy to finish up and took me a little more than an hour!

Dear anyone and everyone The worst form of aggression is passive, especially when you say "some people..." to strangers instead of asking them to kindly move away from you.

I've witnessed this yesterday and today. I was with a friend who did it yesterday and I was embarrassed. Today, some lady was upset I didn't give her space today but didn't ask me to move (or you can just ignore it). Instead, she said it to her friend while I was in earshot. Awkward... just don't do it.

Scenes from the day:

Coffee needed on an overcast day. First time here.

Breakfast at 9:30 and because it was late: Amy's Southwestern burrito with Power to the Greens, which TJ's was out of!

I had dinner at 4 P.M. yesterday and one-upped it with 3:30 P.M. today. Super crazy early bird. *Okay, I had an apple with vanilla almond butter later.

TJ's did have chunky guac, reduced guilt! :)


Have you tried the chunky guacamole or Power to the Greens?
What's in your bag?

Rest day Friday Five

1. I'm listening to
fun.'s "Some Nights" is perfect for my mood and the book I'm reading (see below)? I'm not sure how to categorize this group.

2. I'm reading
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, which got rave reviews by so many people and I can't put it down either. I'm sad I have to work and that it's not a rainy enough day for me to snuggle with tea and a book. Actually I will anyways...


Plus, greener skincare. This whole blog is amazing with fun DIYs and projects she embarks on. I can use all the skincare advice in the world. I own some of this stuff too!

3. I'm lusting after
Reebok CrossFit Nano, either the first or second one. They are ridiculous expensive at about $100!

Not sure which color, but I've never had green shoes.

4. I'm wishing
That I finished traffic school already. I finished it in an hour! I wasn't supposed to work yesterday and finish it up, but I worked and played after. Today is my rest day and will include, yes, online traffic school.

5. I'm drooling
I want to make this! One of my college acquaintances got a new place and used this tutorial and I immediately wanted to make it.

And on a more foodie side of things, dried pears. I don't like pears much but I heard about dried Bartlett pears at Trader Joe's and haven't found them yet! It exists!

What are you reading? I need suggestions?
Have you tried Trader Joe's dried Bartlett pears?
Any reviews on Reeboks? I've never worn them for working out.