Monday, August 15, 2011

Super Trooper!

I have a tumblr and I follow M.C. Barao. I found out about her through Cassey of Blogilates.

She eats PB & J's and so I thought, I can do that. I bought some SuperFruit jam she mentioned. It has delicious little pieces of fruit. Yum. Crofter's also makes super fruit jams from four different countries.

I put it in a wrap with Nuttzo and called it dinner. For dessert, some jam and Nuttzo mixed into Greek yogurt while I tapped my fingers away at FOUR applications. Yes, I finally got my fingers on the keyboard and internet.

I had no internet yesterday. I crashed at my cousin's and instead watched "Jumping the Broom" while feasting on my Mother's Market beet-carrot-celery-cuke juice. It was really good and touching, I cried and ended up not getting to bed till 1 A.M.!

Eek, but come on, Pooch Hall and Romeo?! Hot. The relationships are insane: 21-year-old Romeo with a much older woman and Meagan Good with 40-something Gary Dourdan (Warrick of "CSI").

(image from Necole Bitchie)

I woke up with a good amount of sleep and headed to TurboKick. It went well today. Some days I'm a little out of it, but I was feeling pretty good today.

Lunch involved salmon, shirataki noodles, and Trader Joe's Napa cabbage veggie mix on the back porch with mom's dogs. I tossed tidbits of salmon to Mushi, the child of her other dogs Baron and Sasha.

I took my cousin to Long Beach to pay his tuition. It was fun ride since I've never really been in the LBC. For some reason, he's afraid of going anywhere but the school because it's more "ghetto." Whatever Chris...

We came back on California 1 and stopped by for some fro-yo from Berrysweet. It's a little ghetto with its poorly hand-written signs. We got brain freeze from their colder-than-usual yogurt and ended up sharing non-fat cheesecake and dulce de leche. The samples are always enough for me, but I can't just go in for samples so I usually get about $1 worth of fro-yo and some toppings. Mmm.

When I got home, mom had me take my aunt to the doctor and pick up my other aunt. I dropped them off and went to barre cardio fusion with my favorite barre instructor, Liza.

What is the barre workout?

The barre workout is a unique total-body workout set to motivating and upbeat music. Focused on precise movements to strengthen the muscle followed by orthopedic stretching to lean out the muscle...the results are remarkably impressive. The barre workout has evolved over the years from the Lotte Berk Method, Callanetics, Yoga and Pilates. Using fat-burning interval training principles, the results are a lean, toned, flexible, healthy body. At Studio Fusion we teach Barre Fusion and combo classes that include additional cardio or pilates techniques within the basic Barre Fusion class. Each class teaches the same principles but has hundreds of variations so no two classes should ever be the same. There is no choreography to the barre classes and flexibility is not required to enjoy the class.

We did a lot of work on our right sides before she realized we wouldn't have enough time for the left side. I may be a little uneven. :/ What we did on the left side, I kept my arms raised. Keeping my arm up hurt more than my legs, but I didn't want to be uneven so I kept them raised till the end. Yeah! Trooper! :)

All in all, a successful day.
  • 2 workouts
  • 4 job applications
  • took my aunt to the doctor, took my cousin to school, picked up my other aunt = being a good niece/cousin
Now if I can only get myself to sleep...

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