Sunday, August 28, 2011

O.C. Foodie Fest

I am a few shades darker after a stomach-wrenching day yesterday. And do I mean stomach-wrenching. My stomach was upset after a few good tastes.

First off, some Shakeology to get my energy up for the... farmer's market? Yeah, I skipped the gym.

We went to the farmer's market in Irvine. We bought some stone fruit (white peaches to be exact) and of course, mom had to nab avocados.

Afterwards, I headed to Angel Stadium for O.C. Foodie Fest 2011. I was so excited.

The line to get in was so long at 11:45 A.M.

Food trucks were all ready to go. They had been there for VIPs and early admissions.

I walked around a few times before deciding on the game plan. It wasn't too packed so this was quite feasible.

#1 Ate half a fried mac & cheese ball from Home Skillet Truck
Verdict: Pretty bland :/

#2 Better than Roxy's Grilled Cheese from The Lime Truck
Verdict: A little salty and greasy, but really good blend of seafood. They have a great rotating menu and opened up a storefront in SoCo.

#3 2 of 3 old school turon from Tapa Boy LA
Verdict: Not nearly enough banana and jackfruit, but one of my favorite combos!

#4 Mango lassi mini pop from Front Porch Pops
Verdict: Cheap (50 cents) little thing that wasn't that great - too icy for a lassi.

#5 Melon drink from ???
Verdict: It was light, made with agave, and melon balls! Come on now!

#6 Tastes of masala fries from NaanStop
Verdict: Almost like chili cheese fries with a bit of a twist so yeah, good stuff.

#7 BOO-Yah made with a PB cookie and a chocolate chip cookie with guava and pineapple coconut ice cream inside from Chunk-n-Chip Cookies
Verdict: I think I went with TOO much variety. The cookies were fantastic, but the ice cream was kind of runny. It must've been the hot day, but I was so much more into the cookies and wanted a better consistency from the ice cream. :/

#8 Top part of a pumpkin pie cupcake from Suite 106 Cupcakery
Verdict: So moist and so good that I went out to buy a can of pumpkin and cream cheese to remind me of the upcoming fall... :)

I also watched Fit Chef Katy from "Food Network Star" demo a couple of salads. I can't wait to try them and show you.

Can I tell you how hot it was?! I was sweating profusely just sitting there watching the demo!

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