Thursday, August 11, 2011

I wish my life was Pauly D, milkmen, & biking

Not going to lie. I love DJ Pauly D and I'm so glad he won the Teen Choice Award for favorite reality star. I didn't watch it this year and haven't since high school. Guess 'cause I'm no longer a teen.


(image from Twirlit)

But I'm not sure I like dudes from Jersey, or at least [ugly] ones. Wait, Pauly D isn't from Jersey; he's from Rhode Island.

Anyways, I came upon some post about "Jersey Shore." I had seen a couple of episodes before after season 1 came out and I commenced watching "Before the Shore" and "Reunion" episodes last night... very late into the night.

I found this picture and had to share. I don't think The Situation is hot at all, but from far away, they all look nice.

(image from The Examiner)

Thank goodness I didn't have to wake up until 9 this morning! Off to barre fusion then showered for my pre-employment test. Passed it of course. Was even the first to finish.

I napped before heading to the gym for 20 minutes on the bike and Zumba class. I was sore from barre today as well as Pilates and ballet last night.

I came home, showered, ate some egg whites, and took a walk to the store. I intended on finding some organic almond milk but didn't think I would because I wanted it to be "organic." Low and behold, Fresh & Easy, just 5 minutes away, has their own brand of unsweetened organic almond milk! :)

The little trip made me wish for two things: a mid-century milkman and a life like Kath's, in which I wouldn't have to use so much gas. Cycling around town really freaks me out though and don't live in a cool enough place. There's a lot of suburban sprawl so I'd just see Burger Kings and Starbucks everywhere I went. No fun.

 Love Lucy - Filling the Bill   #16 1991

For snacktime, 1/2 cup Brown Cow Greek yogurt with blueberries and Fiber One.

Lastly, I'm having my almond milk with Tera's Whey bourbon vanilla. It's so good by the way. I like it more than the pomegranate goat and definitely more than the chocolate. :)

Tomorrow, I might just make it to Turbo and then get my BodyPump on Saturday or Sunday. Other things on the agenda for tomorrow: interview at 3 then finish applying for some better jobs!

I'll leave you with a song from Turbo Round 43, which happens to be a Pauly D song!

It's the first time I heard about Keenan Cahill, the YouTube phenom.

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