Saturday, August 20, 2011

Glittery & crackly things

Wake up.

Contemplate which classes to go to. Originally, BodyPump and Zumba. Decided on biking and boot camp because I have to change my body.

Lately, I've been sweating but not hurtin'. Mmm feels good in my... area. Problem area alert!

I love learning all the muscles' names and what they do. Rad stuff.

Found mom some avocado gelato from Mangiamo Gelato at Whole Foods. Not as creamy as the one from The Hop Asheville that she liked so much. Topped with coconut for good measure.

Leftovers for lunch: Avanti Cafe grilled cheesy goodness.

Mall roaming.

New key chain. My old one fell on the asphalt and broke.

Played with nail polish at Sephora: pink confetti on my thumb, white crackle, pink 3D glitter (not so much), gold crackle didn't show up well, and pink with pink glitter. Confetti is my favorite. :)

Mid-afternoon snack: pineapple and coconut fro-yo from Yogurt Wave. Pretty little surf theme. My topping choices are not ideal. :/

Dinner: green juice and 1/2 healthy Hawaiian teriyaki chicken breast from The Loft. Probably should have gone to L&L instead since it may or may not be more authentic.

Time to hit the hay a bit early... maybe some "Dexter" first. :)

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