Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New digs, the gym

I stayed over at my cousin's yesterday so I didn't get to post and will have to make it up tomorrow since I spent tonight talking to my dad. :)

I made a list on paper for today and did most of it, including applying for 10 jobs as an instructional assistant and one which I can't even recall. It was a craigslist posting.

Thursday, August 25
  • Wake up whenever
  • Breakfast of yogurt with a little Living Intentions
  • Ride bike around
  • Lunch (salmon/spinach/goat cheese wrap)
  • Apply for 2 jobs.
  • 4:45PM Drive to gym & have Shakeology
  • 5:30PM BodyPump
  • 6:30PM Zumba
  • 8PM Shower, have green juice and more yogurt
  • 10PM Drink green juice
  • 11PM Go to bed!
The past couple of days, I've ventured out to a new 24 Hour Fitness and it's a Sport one, which means it's a little bigger and better. Plus, it's in a nice area.

Yesterday, I had BodyPump and TurboKick with an instructor I met and liked. She subbed a class elsewhere and has this quirky and bossy personality I gravitate towards. :) Sadly, she's on vacay for a couple of weeks. :/

I went to hot hula for the first time ever tonight and can say I may not be able to pass as Hawaiian anytime soon. My movements are too jagged. :/ I liked working my core, but I didn't enjoy the slowness, barefooted-ness (dirty feet), and the overall feel.

Shadowboxing afterwards wasn't that great either. It was taught by my favorite BodyPump and Zumba instructor. It involved some boxing moves and lots of boot camp. I love the unknown of boot camp yet I found bear crawls and mountain climbers on the sweaty floor pretty darn gross. The class was huge too so I didn't feel accountable for my movements. :/

Some eats:

Breakfast: lite English muffin with 2 egg whites, goat cheese

Lunch: salmon, goat cheese, and spinach filled tortilla

Dinner: kale salad with beets! First time ever having beets! A little mac and cheese and pieces of chicken from Whole Foods.
I bought a box of Walgreens' mission figs. Check out their new design!

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