Thursday, August 11, 2011

Calmer in the belly

I love grocery shopping. Duh. In effect, I love planning fun meals because it allows me to grocery shop for new and different things. Except, it's a hassle sometimes to figure out all the nutritional content.

Lately, I've stuck to a few staples and have been eating the same thing for days!

Breakfast consists of Shakeology Greenberry in some water. I can't wait for the tropical flavor though I realized I like vanilla protein powders much more than chocolate and berry.

Lunch comes after a workout and has been 2-3 oz of steamed chicken, spinach, and Trader Joe's deli style spicy mustard and sometimes some vanilla and blueberry goat cheese in an Ole tomato & basil fiber-packed tortilla.

I love these because it has only 68-71 calories (don't know why it's different), 12 grams of fiber, and 8 grams of protein!

Then I'll have a pre-workout snack for workout #2 or just an afternoon snack. Greek yogurt all the way.

Throughout the day, I find things to pick at like chocolate-covered Powerberries, also from TJ's, or some almonds or cashews. Whatever's lying around where I am. Apples are good or some other fruits.

After my workout, I'll either have Tera's Whey protein in almond milk and some yogurt with Fiber One and berries (like today) or other protein like egg whites then have the protein. Tonight, I had it all! :)

(image from WellSphere)

I usually get non-fat plain Greek yogurt. I've had Brown Cow because it's cheap, Chobani lemon but plain is sometimes bitter, Voskos comes cheap and tastes good, and Fage is cheaper if you get it at Costco. I have yet to try Stonyfield Oikos.

If I have the money and can find it, I like Icelandic yogurts like Siggi or also. They are more dense.

Dinner is the one meal that really gets a lift depending on the deficiencies during the day. Usually that's fiber and protein. Though I'm not really lacking protein, I'm consuming a ton of it to see how it all works out for me. I'm waiting for the Sunwarrior promo to get some of that good stuff.

All in all, I've consumed more calories. Good for me. :) I have to fix this darn metabolism.

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