Sunday, August 21, 2011

New ride

Instead of going to TurboKick early this morning and having to wake up early to get my hand stamped for the class, I slept in and decided to buy a bike.

I said it. I'm going to try and ride a bike here in Orange County. Cars are abundant, but I'm doing it.

I don't want a cruiser bike, but mountain bikes are on the expensive side. In the middle: a multi-speed cruiser bike.

I searched craigslist and found the most gorgeous bike ever, the Pake Urban. Okay, maybe it would be perfect in white, but still nice! Pretty picture too huh?

$300? I can get a Schwinn Admiral for half that price. I mean, I'm not that crazy enough to pay $300 for a bike right now.

Its been a slow Sunday - breakfast (Ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast, PB, 1/2 c. Vosko non-fat, 1/2 apple) and some catching up on "Dexter," but once I get up, I'm getting this bike and roaming around town. Oh yeah, I'll need a helmet too.

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