Sunday, August 21, 2011

Learning to be frugal

I've been rather fortunate to get what I want when I want it. But it won't last forever. Unless I marry rich, which I will totally do. I'm all for a loveless union because I don't plan on getting married. Yeah, I'm not really that into love and never have been. Maybe it's my low estrogen levels or somethin'.

I'm addicted to buying things, especially food because I can reason it. I buy something everything when, jobless, I should not be.

Thus, I've formulated a plan for the next few days of what I should do to stay on track and keep myself busy. The plan should cover pretty much every minute of my day. I'll do this daily.

First, Monday. Tomorrow:
  • 8AM Wake up
  • 8:20AM Drive car to gym
  • 8:30AM Breakfast (Shakeology) in car
  • 9AM TurboKick
  • 10AM Power sculpt OR go to aunt's house & catch up online
  • 11:15AM Lunch (salmon, shirataki noodles, napa cabbage mix)
  • 12PM Apply for 6 jobs. Seriously Julie. Do this now.
  • 2:30PM Ride bike about 2 hours!
  • 3PM Afternoon snack (yogurt) & apply for another job! If time, read Fat Girl's Guide to Life.
  • 5:30PM Green juice & drive to gym **Make sure to take my acai home with me somehow...
  • 6:30PM Hip hop Ride bike for 1 hour!
  • 7:30PM Yoga Eat dinner
  • 9PM Be home, shower, & have protein yogurt
  • 10PM Apply for 1 more job. YES. Finish it up. If I finish early, I can watch "Dexter!"
  • 12AM Sleep!
NEWS*: You should be proud, I've stopped baking. Duh. Less calories (I say this as I'm finishing my night with a passion fruit marshmallow - I've had them for 3 weeks), less waste of $.

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