Saturday, August 6, 2011

Guilt & shame, but my knees & sanity thank me.

Guilty. I skipped yoga because I woke up too late. Instead, mom and I went to the farmer's market then the new O.C. green market nearby. The latter was not that great.

I got a loaf of banana pecan brunch bread from Old Town Baking Company that was pretty disappointing. It wasn't really full of banana-y goodness or pecans. :/ It's very much like basic white bread though it is made with wheat.

I bought some cherry juice to help clean out my system this week though I need to get myself some cranberry juice and dandelion root tea to get rid of water weight (a la Jillian Michaels - along with lemon and distilled water). Also bought infamous Blackmarket Bakery passion fruit marshmallows. I had one and it was delicious.

On our way home, we stopped by the SoCo farmer's market. It's very small, but it was on the way. I stopped by Christopher Garren's Let 'Em Eat Cake and made a grave mistake: cinnamon roll. I ate maybe 1/4-1/3 of the thing. :/ I was so ashamed, I didn't even get to take a picture. Though I said to myself, I had to eat it one day because I'm a cinnamon roll queen. Oh and it was darn good even when not 100% warm.

Napped for an hour and was refreshed to head to lunch.

I attempted to go to Plum's Cafe and Catering, but the wait was long. I stopped in Fleur de Lys while I was there.

I eventually ended up over at Avanti Cafe. Their menu looked spectacular. I loved the clean and natural look of the place. I ended up with a summer fruit starter (mangoes, cantaloupe, oranges diced) and 10+ Avanti scrambler with a poppyseed biscuit instead of the 10+ grain bread.

Amazing potatoes. I ate 3/4 of this meal and saved the rest for din din.

I want their Grilled Cheesy Goodness. Thankfully, I will be able to order it on a day where I won't start with a cinnamon roll - Costa Mesa Restaurant Week in 2 weeks!

Anyways, I guess today was the day I ate more in a calorie cycling attempt. It just sucks today also ended up being my day off because after lunch, I walked around Fashion Island in Newport Beach.

I came home, laid down, and watched "I Love Lucy" on Fox. I ate the rest of my meal and some PB from the jar then more "I Love Lucy" on the Hallmark Channel.

Why all the "I Love Lucy?" Well, if you don't know, today (August 6th) would have been Lucille Ball's 100th birthday and do I love me some Lucy. I own the 1st season and parts of "The Lucy Show" though my 1st season has weird water marks... on all of the discs. I have no idea how this happened by the way. :(

I wish I could watch Lucy everyday instead of just a few episodes. The color is nice. Love her and that whole time period. I'll have to schedule more of her in my life and maybe get some Lucy memorabilia.

In other news, it's the U.S. Open of Surfing here in Huntington Beach and has been for a week or so now. I'm not all that interested except I love surf brands. I stopped by Surfside, a store in Costa Mesa, and saw this awesome one-piece bathing suit.

Do you have any clue how hard it is to find a hot one-piece? I'm proud of losing weight, but my stretch marks? Come on now!

*Days off are always rough because I like being super active. I also ate a lot. I thought about The Fitnessista and Kath when I ate today because they eat real food and eat out and are not usually apologetic about it.

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