Monday, August 29, 2011

Hunger for heartier

Good morning!

I woke up super hungry. In an effect to rest my knee and satisfy my hunger, I made Blogilates' protein pancakes though I calculated my calories and it came out to a lot less. I put in slightly less powder since I had chocolate and not vanilla.

Nonetheless, very good and so much so that my family liked it. :)

Mmm pancakes. I want to cook again! Maybe I can make some strawberry pancakes for my little cousin... if we had any more strawberries, but we ate them all.

I'm tired. Waking up at 7:30 was on the agenda, but staying up was not.
  • 10-12PM rest it out: nap and menu plan
  • 12PM bike/drive to get supplies to make my cousin's dinner
  • 2PM have my lunch
  • 3PM go out with my mom
  • 4PM read a book, rest
  • 5:30PM Shakeology time as I drive to the gym
  • 6:30PM Hip hop
  • 7:30PM yoga because I totally need it!
  • 7PM shower, green juice, nap

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