Friday, August 19, 2011

Orange (County) goodness

Maybe it was the 2 green juices, 2 kick-butt workouts, painting my nails, and plucking my eyebrows FINALLY, but I felt pretty good today. There was that constant struggle with 24 S.E.T., but Turbo Kick was awesome. I really like the sub - she's full of energy and is super funky. She made us do 6 of the same Turbos and I couldn't believe how much air I caught with all the tuck jumps and air jacks. I'll have to stalk her classes.

Afterwards, I showered, put on a summery dress, and headed to Avanti Cafe for Costa Mesa Restaurant Week. All the other restaurants seem quite expensive. It didn't matter though because I wanted to go back to Avanti for their grilled cheesy goodness, which by the way was delicious with the blood orange honey dijon mustard inside.

I actually just got the sandwich because I didn't want soup. I'm just not a big soup fan and I could do without the cookie in lieu of a red velvet mini (I also got the chocolate and vanilla ones since it was package deal) from SusieCakes down the road.

I ended up going to Balboa Island and walking around for 30 minutes where I walked by the almost closing Cinnamon Roll Fair and nabbed a bite. :) It was still warm!

I got my little cousin some mint chocolate chip gelato from Lola's Ice Cream & Deli and mailed some stuff for her older brother.

Oh yeah, her bro Chris, heard this song in my car and loved it so much so I wanted to share Dev's "In The Dark."

I'm meal planning (favorite thing to do ever), reading Fat Girl's Guide to Life (quite good!), and going to relax tonight with an oldie but goodie "Now and Then" my cousin got out of my stash.

Dinner tonight: green juice and a Siggi in orange & ginger. It's so good.

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