Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How many things

1 step n' sculpt class enjoyed. I liked alternating between stepping and sculpting rather than attempting to do both. :) I was also rocking stepping, which hasn't been typical here. Next week, I'm taking this class again!

2 loaves of healthy/low cal carbs purchased. I bought lite English muffins and Western Alternative sweet wheat bagel. My little cousin has been sharing my English muffins and my other cousin asked for healthier bagels so I delivered.

(image from The 100 Calorie Blog)

2 white peaches bought + 1 pluot to try. I never liked nectarines, but since I get to taste them at the farmer's markets, I've become a bit addicted. They're so easy. On my way home from the store, I stopped by Smith Farms to nab a couple of peaches. I've been itching to try pluots due to Live Laugh Eat's immense love for them and finally got one. Saving the peaches for another day and having a pluot later! :) Maybe Allie's favorite guava another day - I've never had them. So much to be discovered.

Same lunch from yesterday. Chicken breast marinated with something my cousin made with a lite English muffin and pumpkin + Tofutti cream cheese. :) Everyone has been posting pumpkin recipes lately and I can still taste that pumpkin pie cupcake from the other day. Mmm.

7 receptionist jobs applied for.

Fat Girl's Guide to Life finished. I've been reading so slowly that I can't wait to delve into a new book. I got American Thighs so maybe that.

60 minutes of napping. My body or well, my shoulders are sore from sculpting. I've been a tad lazy and not working out twice a day, but I'm going with it because heck, I work out a lot.

1 green juice ready for consumption.

45 minute bike ride on the horizon.

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