Monday, August 22, 2011

Biker's hunger

Woke up for TurboKick this morning. Sub. Not feeling her, but I got a good sweat. I may have also hurt my left knee... I felt pain while kicking.


Plans changed. Biked for 2 hours. Went to Sprouts and found Australian-style/Colorado-made Noosa blueberry yoghurt on clearance for 99 cents. I've been wanting to try it forever.

Put a spoon in it for my mid-afternoon snack. I don't think I even had 1/4 of it. It's rich and delicious, but a lot of calories.

I applied for 8 jobs: 4 instructional assistant positions, part-time teacher position, 2 program leader positions, and for good measure, a sales associate job for active wear. :) Proud day.

Instead of hitting the gym for more cardio and yoga, I decided to ride my bike again. One more hour.

I got some lite English muffins and made myself an egg white + goat cheese English muffin sandwich for dinner.

I was hungry and on my adventure to Target earlier, I saw Vitalicious VitaSandwich.

(image from Wellsphere)

The only downside to biking: sitting on my bottom all the time.

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