Thursday, August 25, 2011

Helping helps me

One of the downsides of riding a bike at 9:30-11AM, it's far too hot. This week has been ridiculous. After the bike ride, I wasn't just exhausted, I was suffering from a heat headache.

Instead of heading to the gym for weights, also because I strained myself, my cousin and I worked out to Debbie Siebers' Slim in 6 Start it Up. Of course, I had us do weights and a couple of other parts from the harder sections. It totaled to about 50 minutes. The best part: my cousin felt good and wants to start working out more as well as eating better. :)

So for dinner, we had salads with chicken. I had romaine with chicken meatballs, some tomatoes, peaches, and on the side, a bit of mac and cheese. :) My cousin had spinach with cucumbers, carrots, a chicken thigh, and I portioned out some spicy cold noodles for him.

I think helping him will help me be more realistic with myself. I'm always better at giving advice than taking my own.

Friday, August 26
  • 7:30AM Wake up & have Shakeology
  • 8:30AM 24 SET
  • 9:30AM TurboKick
  • 10:30AM Bike for 45 mins
  • 11:30AM Shower
  • 12PM Lunch (salmon + goat cheese + spinach wrap)
  • 1PM Apply for 2 jobs.
  • 2PM Take a nap.
  • 3:30PM Snacktime (apple with PB) & read The Fat Girl's Guide to Life
  • 5:15-5:30PM Go outside.
  • 6:45PM Green juice
  • 8PM Go home & watch "Dexter"
  • 10PM Read & chill

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