Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hot and fancy in LA

Checklists really don't work. I drove to the gym and ended up going to get gas and heading up to L.A.

First, the Silver Lake Farmer's market. It was tough to find parking. Silver Lake and the surrounding area is hilly and confusing.

After that, I headed to Americana at Brand. It is newer and past a auto mall so lots more space than Silver Lake. Parking was easier to find and free too. I walked around and it's very much like The Grove.

I mostly went for GiGi's Farmer's Market. They're fancy. Can you tell? Yeah, that's a freakin' chandelier! Outdoors!

The Grilled Cheese Truck was the food truck of the week and even though it was HOT, I was there and wanted one. I ended up getting the veggie melt with gruyere, fennel, tomatoes, arugula, and balsamic syrup on 6 grain bread.

I bought a LivingSocial for Plaisir that's ending. Well, it took a really long time on Santa Monica Blvd and all the stoplights. :/ Finally got there and love the staff: a real Frenchman owns the restaurant and the employees are French or in the case of another, VERY HOT. :)

Sadly, I had to eat there as stipulated by the LivingSocial. My plan was to bring a Croque Monsieur home for mom. I was still hungry though so I ended up eating half of it and the two little tomatoes but leaving the salad soaked in white creamy dressing (not a fan). I guess I could have just gotten the meal and packed it up since it's not like a super fancy place with a waiter who would look at me weird for not touching the food.

All in all, one grilled cheese sandwich or some sort of it. :)

With the rest of the LivingSocial, I got cream puffs. I let the SUPER HOT guy pick it out.

I also immediately bought the Groupon for Spread, a San Diego-based purveyor of peanut butter products. I parked right in front of their pop-up shop. I also bought a DailyCandy, but I'll need to print that one out. For $12, I got two little containers of fancy schmancy almond or peanut butters: white chocolate cantaloupe gourmet almond spread (no. 129) and cannabis kissed chocolate gourmet peanut butter (no. 17).

I only got the latter because of the "cannibis," but honestly, it's just hemp. :/

And when in Los Angeles, I have to HAVE TO head to BabyCakes. It's rough downtown, but I found parking and got a bunch of stuff: savory biscuit with daiyo cheese and veggies (so good and saving for tomorrow), cupcake tops - tiramisu and hostess, and a lil doughnut. I wanted the last lil' caramel doughnut, but the girl in front saw it and got the LAST ONE! :(

I didn't like the lemon coconut cupcake last time but loved the red velvet. Well, the hostess cupcake top was on top of red velvet, but the show stopper was the moist and delicious TIRAMISU! I planned on eating the doughnut, but that cupcake top looked gooey and I devoured all of it. :)

I really do need to be more productive. :/ My life plans are in the making and I'll include it under "live list." I saw it on Healthy Ashley, who got it from lululemon. I'll let you know when it's done!

Besides the fact that I threw my plans out the window, I also kept seeing people from high school (on facebook) do amazing things. It's not that I want exactly what they have. I admire them though because honestly, a lot of them are already in great positions and didn't necessarily show all that potential. I'm a talker, but I'm ready to be a doer too.

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