Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Better kinds of protein powders

I'm in need of protein all the time. It's a struggle because I love carbs and sweets. :/ Furthermore, my level of activity requires it. And I could use the calories... especially after watching "Supersize vs Superskinny." I won't be Supersize anytime soon (again), but I don't want to be Superskinny either.

When I look in the mirror, I still think I'm a cow though. I know most women feel this way regardless of their size. So last night, to end my day, I downed a Tera's Whey pomegranate goat protein powder (goat whey) and half a banana with peanut butter sauce (PB & Co's The Bee's Knees with equal parts 365 Organic unsweetened almond milk).

I'm still waiting for my Shakeology. I don't know why it has taken so long, but because of my move, my last shipment was sent back so I've been OUT. I traded out the chocolate flavor for Greenberry. I was getting a little over it and decided to change it up.

Yet I'd like to add more protein in my life. Besides the reasons I stated above, I have trouble consuming large amounts of food such as the 1/2 cup of egg whites, lamb's lettuce, and fiber tortilla.

Thus far, I've tried Garden of Life Raw Protein and Complete Nutrition's V-Core. I abandoned both when I bought Shakeology, but I realized I need more protein. The two containers were left in Asheville, at home for my roommate or given to a friend. Raw protein was chalky and V-Core was good, but I want something a little more natural.

Tera's Whey
, which I've only purchased pouches.

Pomegranate goat tastes best while dark chocolate was my least favorite though still good. Plus, it's organic.

I want to try the yumberry and wolfberry, but I haven't seen them in stores.

Vega tastes better for the most part. I've tried the whole food optimizers, which have less protein than the Vega Sport.

Though my top choice, which I'm going to order when OpenSky has their promo again: Sunwarrior, made of brown rice protein.

Blogilates reposted a chart that was really helpful in explaining the types of protein powder. V-Core had a few of these. I haven't yet tried soy or hemp, but I hear it tastes like what you'd think tree bark would taste like.

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