Friday, August 26, 2011

Epitome of summer

Applying for jobs. That's been my job for about 3 weeks now. It's tough emotionally.

At least I'm trying. 2 jobs applied for today with a few more to go. Both were assistant/receptionist positions.

I hit the gym early today and did okay in SET. Once Turbo came around though, I found I was pretty sore. It was also tough because we did the brand new round 47!

Afterwards, I rode my bike around for a little and then had lunch. Same ol' thing: salmon, goat cheese, and spinach in a tortilla eaten on the back porch with mom's dogs. I shared some with them and forced them to eat spinach by sticking the goat cheese and salmon inside.

Another biking adventure later to return "Arthur," which I rented for free at the redbox yesterday. It was good. Funny and a little heartwarming, but mostly funny.

(image from boomtron)

Some online browsing:

Clementine cashew butter - what an idea! I'm not a fan of oranges (too much to do before I eat it), but I suppose I can sub oranges for other fruits?

It's a yes. Blueberries work.

I want to make swirly frosting. I never knew how...

Ever since I watched four black women living in the Southwest (in "Waiting to Exhale"), I've always been a little curious about New Mexico and I hear such good things about Santa Fe.

With fall just around the corner, there's still some of summer left and I'm on the more tropical side of the country.

Tropical un-crumble

I never knew the term stone fruit, but apparently it applies to almonds also. Anyways, more fruit than not peach cobbler for one. I have plums - can I switch out peaches for a different stone fruit?

These can be made pretty easily with what I have and am able to do. :)

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