Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bursting of raw (raw day 4)

8:45 Raw Protein w/ water

10:30 3/4 Pure Bar Organics cherry cashew bar pretty good and sweet

12:30-1:30PM We ate at 118 Degrees and shared brunch. It was still a lot. I started with blood orange tea.

Grawnola with raspberries and nuts sopping with almond milk

California salad with tomatoes and sprouts and sweet pepper tomato soup - I gave the salad to mom and drank my soup
This was some sort of Mexican dish with avocado and corn, hot sauce, and sprouted tortilla

Caramel cheesecake, which I remembered of course. I ate the crust and half the "cheese."

I've been so full that I haven't eaten. Just some water.

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