Thursday, February 10, 2011

The simple life

I'm dedicating myself to the simple life. I buy a lot of crap and of course, waste money.

First off, I'm starting protein shakes because I really don't consume a lot of protein. I feel amazing after spin and kickboxing tonight and now that I finished showering, I'm ready for a shake. They're expensive though. I chose the V-Core from Complete Nutrition. It's not hemp or pea protein but it'll do.

In the wintertime, my life becomes such a mess and I suck at maintaining it because of working out. I'm dedicating the next week to cleaning a room a day. Tomorrow is the kitchen, which always gets dirty. My car will get cleaned once it becomes warm. I have so much to toss.

Part of the reason the kitchen will be the first to clean is because Sunday will be a baking extravaganza. I'm serious about starting a small business. For a little bit, I can sell at farmer's markets as a day vendor.

In addition to cleaning, I'm going back to reading more books. I still have to finish Crystal Renn's Hungry.

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