Saturday, February 19, 2011

The last one: RIP grandpa

It's a beautiful day in Asheville. I woke up and worked out a little. I skipped Zumba though since I got a double dose last night. I'm over at Beans and Berries for coffee now (they have the most amazing bagels toasted in the oven!) then some walking and shopping for baking this afternoon. Later tonight I plan on going to the Zumba party at Eleven on Grove.

I'll need to get my workouts in and stalk some good deals on Groupon/Living Social since I'm making a trip to California in a couple of weeks. I'll be there for a week for my grandfather's funeral. He passed yesterday. He was my last grandparent. It was unexpected as he went in only to get a minor kidney stone taken out. They found that his intestine was inactive and went in for surgery. I called my dad and that's when I started crying - when dad was crying. He's making the trip home from Vietnam for the services as well.

I can't imagine losing either of my parents, especially since they're young. Grandpa fought and beat cancer once. Dad has not had any real ailments unlike his other family members. Mom had ovarian cancer a couple of years ago but it was in the early stages and she recovered completely. It reminds me I need to take better care of myself even when doctor visits take 2-3 hours. It also reminds me that I need to talk to my parents more.

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