Sunday, February 20, 2011

On the agenda today: spinning & baking

I got annoyed all night because well, random people were at the house. What's new? They woke me up again for the second night in a row and what's worse, they stayed up all night. Don't these people sleep? I don't get enough sleep on the weekends, I'm sick, and I had to wake up for spin.

Again, I tried to avoid spin. I thought about running which is good I didn't because it's kind of cold out actually. I can't find any place to run, but I think I've settled on my old college campus when I do start training for the April 5K.

I'm skipping Zumba. I've had too much Zumba lately and I don't want to get burned out. Instead, I want to bake. First, I'm making Aunt Christie's banana bread, a recipe given to me by my Secret Pal. Secondly, I want to make homemade samoas and if time, Tagalongs! I'll need some more chocolate for that... oh yes, and caramels for the samoas.

I've decided to devote myself to real foods also so I'm thinking spring rolls with avocado, kelp noodles, and veggies - bell peppers and sprouts. I made a peanut sauce and ate it with kelp noodles last night. Yancey said the noodles look inedible. I'm about to leave and buy some supplies.

Oh yes, Groupon had a fantastic deal today for 10 classes in my hometown for just $29. I'm excited! Though Gold's Gym and Equinox offered some freebies also. The classes at Studio Fusion though include barre, kickboxing, and such so that's super exciting. I can't wait to try barre!

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