Sunday, February 13, 2011

Return of the pumpkin

It's not particularly pumpkin season anymore, but I can still find cans at Greenlife/Whole Foods. When pumpkin season comes around, I and everyone else bake everything we can with pumpkin. I've almost exhausted my pumpkin usage in recipes. Thankfully, I found a couple of new recipes I thoroughly enjoyed.

The pumpkin crumble cake takes a little effort as it requires three layers, but it's worth it!

I've been obsessed with gluten-free because I thought I might be gluten intolerant. Yeah, I still don't know, but I made this gluten-free pumpkin chai bread with carob chips. It came out pretty good on top: crunchy. The bottom was a little dry even though pumpkin usually makes bread doughy and soft.

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